About Enaya

At Enaya, We believe in Creating Dreams into Reality.

 Enaya introduces itself as the Manufacturer & Exporter of Customized Carpets and Rugs. We offer several Qualities in our Series of Ranges. Enaya innovates New Concept, New Designs and New Textures.

Carpet Manufacturing is our family business and had come into existence in 1925. Our carpets are Hand Woven by the local and experienced craftsmen. We still practice the Traditional Ways of Weaving in spirit of maintaining century’s old tradition in its original form.

All carpets are designed by our own Designing Team, creating your dreams into reality. Our Carpets are manufactured In-House thus meeting all Quality Standards.                                

From production and fiber dyeing to design and weaving, Enaya celebrates complete supply chain autonomy and maintains absolute quality control from concept to completion.