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Manufacturer of designer Custom Made Rugs in India

Solar Energy:

                            Enaya Rugs : Manufacturer & Exporter of Customized Carpets and Rugs Bhadohi, At Enaya we strongly practice and believe in using our natural resources for our basic needs. India is one of the sun's most favored nations, blessed with about 5,000 TWh of solar isolation every year. To utilize the vast potential of solar energy, we have installed large solar panels which generate about 25 KV of light in 24 hours just by using the sun as its source of energy. The company's most of the electric usage of lights and fans are powered by the solar energy.                         

Rain Water Harvesting:

                            Another important natural resource is the abundance of rainfall. In India we have approximately 3 months of heavy rainfalls which if utilized properly, can be the source of water for an entire year. Rainwater harvestings the accumulation and deposition of rainwater for reuse before it reaches the aquifer. We have taken measures to store our rain water during the rainy season and then re-use this water for the entire year. In future, we hope to utilize many more of these natural sources of energy for a healthy go green output.                        

Manufacturer of designer Custom Made Rugs in India
Manufacturer of designer Custom Made Rugs in India

No Child Labor:  

                            Enaya assures that no child labor is used. We have also received many certificates assuring that we are child labor free. Certificates like good weave, SA 8000 and Care and Fair. By building awareness about the widespread use of child labor in the rug industry and creating an effective system for child-labor-free rugs, we are ending child labor one rug at a time.                        

Our Own School - Tarbiyat School

                            Enaya Rugs : Manufacturer and exporter of designer Custom Made Rugs, Custom made rugs with Logo Enaya has initiated in providing free basic education to rural under-privileged children. Enrolling about 150 students which are provided with free education, free books and other stationeries. We also provide hostel services for some special students. We inspire to create an illiteracy free environment for a brighter future.                        

Manufacturer of designer Custom Made Rugs in India


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